Songs About The Sea

One of you guys asked me for songs about the sea, so I revisited some of my fav’s. This was a fun task, thanks for asking. If you have favorites please post them below.

The Rounds: Remember to hit publish edition

Last summer, I was waiting for the bus outside of Amoeba… it was hot… the doors were open and I was vacillating between staying to watch Future Islands or just getting the bus and listening to them at home. I could see Sam Herring from the street, one hand on the mic, the other behind his back, sweaty, red-faced in an all white ensemble. His guttural declarations reaching out to the street as he started singing ‘In The Fall’ a song that, in its recorded version, features Katrina Ford (Celebration)…I got home late that night.

I often hit the back button Future Islands tracks and “The Ink Well” is no different. This 7″ split with N.C. natives Lonnie Walker does not disappoint. Two totally different sound spectrums on an itty-bitty EP.

You guys remember Blue Scholars? ::MΔDE::IN::HEIGHTS:: is the new project from Sabzi and vocalist Kelsey Bulkin and it is the beats. Like JJ and CocoRosie made a baby in the heights. The EP is free get this yesterday.

We covered Julianna Barwick on This Just Out when she released Florine back in 2009. Now the Brooklyn based loopers The Magic Place was recently called out on P4K’s best new music! I’m not sayin’ -  just sayin’ … Run a bath, light some candles…

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper is the stage name of musician Aly Spaltro, who was named Folk Artist of the Year by the Boston Music Awards in 2010. This is a collection of previously unreleased, rare, bedroom, and radio tracks that you can own for ten clams.

This week STRFKR began streaming Reptilians on Soundcloud to make up for a delay in the vinyl production. I’m not mad about it. At all.

That’s all for now…

Music Other Than Radiohead Happened This Week.

The format this week is a little different from recent Bandcamp round up’s. There were live shows and non-BC discoveries. See: Below.

Django, Sam & Claire of Nightmare and The Cat turned up this week at The Hotel Cafe with a backing band and Gary Baseman! Who painted during their set… if anyone has a photo of that, post it in the comments mine is all blurry. We’ve discussed before, if you haven’t listened to these kids (yes, they are kids) yet, we probably should not be friends.

Nicole Atkins played to empty rooms for years before a record label noticed her undeniable talent. Then they got her, (as usual) didn’t know what to do with her, dropped her and now, in their wake, she’s kicking ass all over the United States with her most recent release, Mondo Amore. I spent all of thursday playing ‘The Tower’ over and over and over again. If you have the opportunity to see this woman live, do it. Atkins backing band, The Black Sea, lead by shredding wonder Irina Yalkowsky do not disappoint either. They are tight… like a Bengal tiger.

Dum Dum Girls covered my (and the rest of the post-angst populus’) favorite Smiths song…

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out‘ track is featured on Dum Dum Girls up coming four-track ‘He Gets Me High’ EP. Coming out on February 28th, the newest release  was produced by frontwoman Dee Dee alongside Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes, plus 1960s songwriter and Sire Records co-founder Richard Gottehrer.

The Lonely Wild “creates indie music with the rabble-rousing spirit of a sea shanty, and an Ennio Morricone-style vision of the old west.” Yes they do. Their record release show is on February 24th @ The Bootleg in LA.

Tom Williams & The Boat

Holy S*it. This debut LP from Tom Williams & The Boat comes out digitally this week and physically on the 28th of February. When you buy this, do pour yourself something of the whiskey persuasion or if that’s not your bag (anymore) black iced tea should suffice. This guy makes me want to drive out to Joshua Tree and shoot guns.


This two-piece aaht-rock duo from Baltimore, the city that brought you Dan Deacon, Future Islands, Celebration, Animal Collective, Dave Sitek (you thought Brooklyn was cool…) are well… aurally ear melting. That’s right, I said it. Ear melting™ and this is a good thing.

Saturday night my friend Lindsey introduced me to Austra, who were in town sharing a bill with Glass Candy at The Echoplex. In Latvian mythology, Austra means the Goddess of light. Austra’s music is what would happen if a band had been sent to quell Titan’s condemned to Tartarus. You will be hearing so much more from Katie Stelmanis, the openly queer, effortlessly cool Toronto-based talent in the coming months. You’ll be glad you hopped on the bandwagon now.

That’s all I have, this week it got loud. My tinnitus thanks you.

Till next.

This Week on Bandcamp

Baltimore kids release their first album in four years! Put this on your bucket list of bands to see live to see before you die.

“Music about the sea for breakfast, and music about breakfast for the sea”. Pretty much says it all.

Montreal based dancey, chillwavey, pop tarts. They’re on tour in the US right now. You will like this.

Just one track from the forthcoming Zu Shapes album, it’s free. Give this a shot.

If you remember, and loved, the band Tosca you won’t be sad about this free download from BARTEL.

Lonesome Ghost wants you to know that None of These Songs are About You on his free download. Translation: Every song is about you. I like this, it makes me want to cry into a $7 glass of whiskey.

Free EP from San Diego’s TV Girl. I Don’t Care will give you serious 90s nostalgia. Like, for serious.

More lo-fi pop from British Columbia, Teen Daze has been floating around my house for a few minutes. If you are in a frozen part of the world (read: most of you) I hope this warms you up.

That’s it. Time to take on Sunday.

Oh, P.S. this also happened this week. So yeah, that’s kind of cool.

Bandcamp Round Up

Get these. Have a great week. The end.

What I Learned This Week.

So, I had a realization early this week that I’m obsessed with The Bandcamp platform and wanted to go back and do a little round up of all my discoveries from this past week. This is that round up.

Spirit Spine is Joseph Denney, the Indiana native recorded Glossolalia between August and November of 2010 in his parents basement. The title of the album refers to the religious practice of speaking in tongues so it’s no wonder that the album is a sprawling, desert epic that, “…follows the story of a preacher traveling by airplane who crashes into the desert, leaving him the only survivor. As a result, the preacher must wander the desert in search of food, water, and civilization. Along the way he questions the religion that brought him there and the God who may, or may not, exist.”

Starfucker/STRFKR, Portland’s favorite pop tarts, released two tracks from their forthcoming LP titled Reptilians. It’s the bands second full-length and first with Polyvinyl. Lyrically, the album focuses primarily on death and the end of the world and yet, you find yourself happily dancing along. They are on tour in the US right now.

Lord Huron is something of a mythical creature here in Los Angeles. At a recent show at Silverlake Lounge, the LA Weekly reports, “five guys took the stage and blasted the Lounge with pretty tropical pop melodies that would make Vampire Weekend weep with envy and Panda Bear do a double take. It was the kind of music you would expect from a beachside resort on a distant planet far far away.” Fans of white kids making tropical indie pop should feel their ears perk up.

Monogold is some more indie tropical pop from the hipster bookend of Eastside LA… yes Virginia that’s right, Brooklyn. You’d think that Animal Collective released an album called Merryweather Post Pavillion a few years ago and everyone got like, inspired or something…. Nah.

If you are stuck in the white blustery tundra that Brooklyn has become this winter, well, I’m sorry. Take solace in the fact that bands are making music that sounds like places they’ve probably never been to and it’s kind of awesome. You can listen to it in the snow pretend and it’s sand, because it’s so cold it’s hot.

Magic Man is the Boston based duo of Sam Lee and Alex Caplow. They write from their dedicated Bandcamp page that,

After months of planning and preparation, the first release from Magic Man is ready for you to hear. The songs were written at several different locations in France, including a chateau, a farm, a circus festival, and a beach cottage and brought back home to the states for further recording and editing (most of which was done in small dorm rooms and transmitted between band members with the aid of the world wide web)

This album is free, and you should get it yesterday.

RÜFÜS is a sparkly electronic trio from Sydney who you’ll be hearing more from in the coming months. Think old Junior Boys. It’s fun and slightly fae.

Shilan n-Tenere is a compilation of recordings of guitar music from three regions of Senegal and Mali — Fouta Toro, Timbouctou, and the Adrar d’Ifoghas. Each region differs in language and culture, but all have a popular music based on the guitar, and their respective local guitar bands. The official release is a 12″ vinyl release, a collaboration between Mississippi Records and Sahelsounds.



Start Wearing Purple!

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